Teaching Brownback a Lesson

It has been a rough couple of weeks for Sen. Sam Brownback.

Since he announced that he was supporting Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ nomination to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, he has watched the Family Research Council pull out of the Values Action Team meetings he oversees and his reputation as a pro-life champion has taken a beating.

And now, to make matters worse, his home has been reportedly burglarized:

Burglars made off with thousands of dollars worth of property stolen from the Topeka home of U.S. Senator Sam Brownback last week … The Senator’s wife Mary Brownback returned home around 1:30 p.m. Thursday to find the items missing. Officials say a computer, a television, a video game, a check book and 100-pieces of jewelry were taken.

At least there is some good news on the horizon for Brownback, coming in the form of this admission by one of his biggest critics that pro-life activists have a very short memory and probably won’t hold his current heresy against him when he runs for governor next year:

A pro-life activist predicts that if Senator Brownback (R-Kansas) runs for governor in his state, he will still receive the support of the pro-life movement despite his controversial decision to support the nomination of pro-abortion Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius for Health and Human Services secretary.

Mark Crutcher, the president of Life Dynamics, Incorporated, says pro-life Republicans know they can “pull a stunt” like Brownback did because pro-life activists often have short memories.

“Right now there’s probably a lot of anger in Kansas, I would assume, and a lot of people are sickened by Brownback’s sell-out,” Crutcher shares. “But let’s say that he runs for governor and he continues to tell people, ‘Oh, I’m pro-life. I did that for some other reason’ — or whatever excuse he uses for his sell-out.”

According to Crutcher, that explanation may just work on the voters. “The thing that bothers me [about] the history of the pro-life movement is that once the initial anger and fervor of the moment goes away…if he runs against some pro-abort Democrat, we’ll…rally behind this guy.”

Last week, Crutcher was blasting Brownback for his willingness to “throw the unborn under the bus for some political advantage” and saying that the pro-life movement has been “stabbed in the back by people like Sam Brownback so many times” that it should have learned its lesson by now.

But apparently the only lesson to be learned from this entire ordeal is that Republican politicians can stab pro-life activists in the back whenever it suits their needs and fully expect to maintain their political support.