Tea Party Nation: Obama’s Handling Of Bin Laden Death An “Epic Fail”

Judson Phillips, the head of Tea Party Nation, yesterday attacked President Obama for announcing the death of Osama bin Laden during Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and for not wrapping his corpse in pig fat. According to Phillips, Obama only ordered the raid on bin Laden’s compound to benefit his reelection campaign.

Now, the Tea Party leader claims that the “Obama regime” has “managed to totally FUBAR the situation” because of conspiracy theories emerging (predominantly on the right) about bin Laden’s death. The White House is weighing the release of a photo of bin Laden’s corpse, after they promptly buried the body at sea to deprive his adherents of a shrine.

Phillips says that the Obama administration’s successful raid and killing of bin Laden, and its management of the aftermath, represents Obama’s ineptitude. While he does not believe the conspiracies, he blames Obama for their materialization:

To err is human but to really screw things up, you need talent the caliber of the Obama regime.

They have managed to take what should have been a celebration of victory and make it almost anything but. Americans celebrated the death of our archenemy. Obama looked like he was seriously inconvenienced. Did he even smile one time when he was making the speech?

Now that Team Obama has managed to totally FUBAR the situation, theories of all kinds are running through the Internet.

There is a truism in life. The simplest explanation is most likely the correct explanation.

The simplest explanation is, forty-eight hours ago; Seal Team Six from the United States Navy blew away the most wanted fugitive in the world.

The simplest explanation is also that there is not a thing in the world that Obama and his regime cannot screw up. Team Obama is very good at running a campaign. When it comes to actually running a government, they are an epic fail.