Tea Party Leader Rejects Calls to Take On Social Issues

Amy Kremer, Chairman of the Tea Party Express, was attending the Values Voter Summit as a panelist for a discussion about “The Tea Party’s Place in American Politics.”  But prior to that, she sat down with Bryan Fischer to talk politics and while the majority of the interview was celebratory, with the two agreeing on how great it is to see Tea Party candidates like Christine O’Donnell making waves, the discussion got rather tense once Fischer started asking Kremer whether the Tea Party would take a stand on social issues.

Fischer was just on NPR yesterday having this same debate with another Tea Party leader pressed Kremer to assure him that the Tea Party movement would support their agenda – and though she seemed a bit uncomfortable having to even talk about it, to her credit Kremer told Fischer to his face that that was not going to happen, saying that if they start talking about issues like abortion and gay marriage, the movement will fall apart: