Tea Parties Have a Message … And a Song

The Washington Times reports that Tea Party activist Dale Robertson has a warning for the GOP that he plans to deliver to RNC Chair Michael Steele:

A founder of the “tea party” movement said Wednesday he had a warning for Republican state leaders: Back conservative candidates or else other states will suffer the same backlash that toppled Florida’s Republican Party chairman this week.

“We are turning our guns on anyone who doesn’t support constitutional conservative candidates,” said Dale Robertson, who operates TeaParty.org out of Houston and helped start the movement nearly two years ago.

He declined to say which states are next on the tea party’s hit list. He said party leaders in those states would be warned privately, but the movement’s wrath “will be very clear publicly” if they don’t listen.

“If they continue to do things like they did in Florida, it’s not going to be good for them,” Mr. Robertson said. “If they don’t get that, and their party chairmen don’t get that, they are going to be ostracized.”

Mr. Robertson planned to deliver the warning in a phone call Wednesday to National Republican Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele, who a day earlier said he supported the tea party activists and that he didn’t think their movement had caused a schism within the party.

This would be this Dale Robertson:

In semi-related news, it seems that novelty songwriter Ray Stevens is also a Tea Party activst and his newest song, “We The People” is becoming something of a Tea Party anthem:

Grammy Award-winning music artist Ray Stevens has recorded a song and video that is fast becoming the anthem of the Tea Party Movement … Stevens told CNSNews.com that “We the People” – though it is a novelty song – expresses his personal beliefs.

“To me, it’s pretty obvious that the government is doing a bunch of crap that we don’t need and we don’t want, and they don’t care what we want – they’re going to do it anyway. I think I’ve heard it called ‘progressive.’ I don’t know what’s progressive about it – it seems like to me it’s stupid.”

He added: “But then I believe in freedom, and I believe in the Constitution and I believe in the things that made America great.”