Targeting Hollywood with Spiritual Warfare

Over the last several years, we have seen spiritual warriors organizing public prayer rallies for the purpose of swinging elections, ending abortion, fighting marriage equality, converting Muslims, and even launching a presidential campaign … so perhaps it was only a matter of time before a similarly orchestrated prayer effort was launched for the purpose of targeting Hollywood and the entertainment industry:

TheCRY (Hollywood) is a prayer movement that gathers believers from every denomination, ethnic background and generation for a full day of prayer, fasting and abandoned worship. Those who come to TheCRYs believe in the power of prayer, fasting and speaking the love of God over a city, nation or sphere.

Prayer leaders (aka: speakers), worship leaders (aka: musicians) and artists all come at their own expense and serve freely recognizing the day is a corporate offering to the Lord as we, with one heart, pray for Him to move in entertainment media.

The leadership of TheCRY Hollywood is made up of several seasoned leaders from the Hollywood area and beyond. These leaders will lead in prayer, worship and share inspiring sound bytes throughout the event that will direct the gathering back to prayer.

This sounds an awful lot like what Lou Engle does with The Call, which explains why Engle and various others in the spiritual warfare movement have all endorsed the effort:

TheCRY Hollywood has the blessing and endorsement of Lou Engle and TheCall but is it’s own organization.