Tancredo And Goode Forewarn That Immigration Will Destroy America

Earlier this month Right Wing Watch reported on the CPAC panel hosted by the far-right student group Youth for Western Civilization, and now YWC has released video of the panel where former Republican congressmen Tom Tancredo and Virgil Goode railed against immigrants, multiculturalism, and looming socialism. Tancredo and Goode were joined by Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA), who is a hero to many anti-immigrant activists, Bay Buchanan of Team America PAC, and Kevin DeAnna of YWC, and both panelists and attendees shared a sense of hysteria over the role of immigrants in the U.S.

Tancredo, a past Colorado congressman and unsuccessful presidential and gubernatorial candidate, claims that the President should be impeached over the issue of immigration for treason, and that multiculturalism is the “dagger pointed at the heart of Western Civilization”:

Former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode warns that immigration will lead to socialism, and believes that immigration “will not only kill the GOP, it’s going to kill the United States of America”: