Take Back America – Reader’s Digest Version

The organizers of the How to Take Back America conference kicked off the event on Friday afternoon with a press conference, and they hit a lot of the highlights we can expect to revisit this weekend:  America is either following the classic model of a Marxist takeover on its way to being an eastern bloc country, or it’s on the verge of a Nazi-like dictatorship, or both.  Health care reform is about rationing, euthanasia, and pushing the elderly and vets off a cliff.  The “radical homosexual activist movement” is the biggest threat to religious liberty, and ENDA is a bid to “criminalize Christianity.”  Legalized abortion is “black genocide.”

Phyllis Schlafly, the matriarch of the event, said she believed President Obama was taking America down the road to socialism. Americans, she said, “don’t want our country run by Czars – that was a Russian idea.”
Just in case we thought we’d heard it all and could spend the rest of the weekend in the hotel bar, Janet Folger breathlessly promised that on Saturday she would launch a new grassroots movement of a type never tried before, one that is going to change America.  Stay tuned.