Surprise! Unsurprise!

Considering his history, this report came as something of a surprise:

Senator Chris Buttars may co-sponsor a gay rights bill with an openly gay legislator.

Earlier this year, Buttars unleashed a fire storm with his anti-gay comments, and no one spoke out more forcefully then State Representative Christine Johnson.

But now, Buttars tells ABC 4 the two are talking about teaming up to protect gays.

Just nine months ago, ABC 4 broke the story about Senator Buttars making anti-gay remarks.

His comments brought tears to the eyes of fellow (and openly gay) legislator Johnson.

But sometimes politics makes strange bedfellows.

Monday, Buttars confirmed to ABC 4 he is talking to Johnson about co-sponsoring her gay rights bill in next year’s legislative session.

This did not:

Don’t believe everything you hear
By Chris Buttars
Utah State Senator, District 10

Contrary to recent reports by the media, I am not considering co-sponsoring any of the “common ground” legislation brought forth by Equality Utah or it’s supporters.

I will continue to defend traditional marriage. I am totally committed to preserve the fundamental political and moral principles that have made this nation strong. And I would strongly oppose any bills that challenge those principles.