Stem-Cell Politics in Maryland

Sen. Jim Talent (R-Missouri) is not the only one facing fallout [link to previous item] from Bush’s veto of the stem-cell research bill. Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, who is running for a vacant Senate seat, has previously compared embryonic stem-cell research to experimentation by Nazi doctors, but, according to The Washington Post, he is now trying to craft a more moderate image in the liberal-leaning state and having some difficulty:

During a radio interview yesterday, WBAL talk show host Ron Smith asked Steele whether he would vote to override a Bush veto if he was in the Senate. The listeners heard only static in response.

“Hello?” Smith said. “Are you there? Maybe not. We’ll be back. And try to reestablish contact with Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele.”

After the commercial break, Steele was back, but the question was not. Instead, talk turned to Steele’s crime prevention initiatives. Later in the conversation, Smith did repeat the question, and Steele replied that he supports the president.