Stefan Molyneux: ‘Political Correctness’ Killed The Florida School Shooting Victims, Not Guns

Stefan Molyneux, a video blogger popular with far-right and alt-right audiences, claimed that it was actually “political correctness” and not loose guns regulations that enabled the mass murder of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last month.

In a video uploaded yesterday, Molyneux sought to break down what he believed to be “the ugly truth” about the March for Our Lives protests on Saturday, which attracted hundreds of thousands of people across the United States to stand with survivors of the shooting who demanded gun reform measures aimed at making schools safer.

“Now, of course, the proximate cause for all of this was the shooting in Broward County recently—the shooting of the children. And because there is an emotionally reactive group of people who either have never been exposed to the facts and the truth about that shooting, about guns as a whole, or simply have simply ignored it if they have been exposed to it, or they’re simply useful happy bleating idiots—the puppets of the puppet master—speaking out against the elemental freedoms of the United States,” Molyneux said.

“The fact is that it was not fundamentally a gun that killed those kids in the school in Florida. What killed those kids was political correctness,” he said. “What killed those kids was political correctness.”

Molyneux went on to explain that he believes that concerns over “disparities in arrest records for different racial groups” and the public’s unwillingness to address “root causes” explaining why people of color are arrested more frequently led people to falsely blame “white racism” for these disparities. Molyneux said that efforts to curb the “school-to-prison pipeline” aimed at reducing the number of students—particularly those from minority communities—funneled into the criminal justice system stood in the way of law enforcement imprisoning the shooter in Florida before he could carry out his mass murder.

“It was not the gun who did it. It was political correctness and the quota system and the exclusion from the rule of law of particular minorities. And this is to some degree the ‘Ferguson effect,’ but this is the reality,” Molyneux said.

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter also made a similar argument last month.