Staver Wants to See Diverse Viewpoints on College Campuses?

Sometimes you have to marvel at the utter lack of self-awareness among Religious Right leaders. 

Take, for instance, Mat Staver who is complaining about the lack of diversity on college campuses:

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel says it is common for conservatives and Christians to have a disadvantage on college campuses.

“Perhaps 90 to 95 percent of the people in college campuses or on law school campuses are registered Democrats, are avowed liberals,” he estimates. “They’re identified as liberal with regards to political views; and so conservatives — and certainly Christians, but obviously conservatives — are a distinct minority.”

He suggests college campuses should strive to avoid having the entire faculty dominated by just one ideology and instead encourage diverse viewpoints and ideas.

In addition to being the head of Liberty Counsel, Staver is also Dean of the Liberty University Law School – a university that blocks access to critical newspapers, teaches Creationism and right-wing anti-abortion and anti-gay views as it instructs students how to ignore the law, all while refusing to allow the formation of a Democratic Club on campus “solely based upon the moral issues of abortion and marriage.”

If Staver really thinks that college campuses ought to encourage diverse viewpoints, maybe he ought to try instituting that policy on his own campus