Staver Exposes Obama’s Nefarious DOMA Scheme

Last month, when the Department of Justice filed a brief defending the Defense of Marriage Act in a California lawsuit, various gay rights groups and progressive bloggers were understandably outraged.

Now that the state of Massachusetts has filed its own lawsuit against DOMA, it is Mat Staver who is outraged … not so much at Massachusetts, but with President Obama because Staver just knows that he is really the one behind the move:

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel believes that while yesterday’s lawsuit was filed in Massachusetts, there are some political strings between there and Washington, DC.

“That’s [Obama’s] political preference [that DOMA be overturned],” Staver says. “There’s no doubt in my mind, absolutely no question at all, that he and some of those in the Department of Justice are coordinating with individuals — and perhaps even the attorney general in Massachusetts — to literally bring these lawsuits and have a very weak defense so that the courts will ultimately overturn it without having the politicians and the president go on record showing that they are in favor of same-sex marriage.”

Staver is apparently convinced that Obama and those in his administration put the Attorney General of Massachusetts up to filing a lawsuit against DOMA just so they could then throw the entire case by providing “a very weak defense” and thereby get DOMA overturned.

As such, Staver vows that he and Liberty Counsel are “not going to allow the Obama administration to tear down the nation’s moral values” and announces that they “will vigorously fight this latest challenge to marriage.”