Star Parker: The Democrats Are ‘Evil’ And ‘The Party Of Anti-Christ’

Today, conservative activist Star Parker appeared on a Facebook Live video hosted by the Family Research Council in honor of Women’s History Month, during which she asserted that the Democratic Party is “evil” and “the party of anti-Christ.”

Parker was interviewed by FRC’s Patrina Mosley about the contentious exchange she had with Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen when she testified on behalf of the “Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017” last fall, which Parker said was proof that the Democratic Party is fundamentally evil.

“The Democrats have always been the party of control,” Parker said. “They are the party of slavery, they are the party of Jim Crow, they are the party of the welfare state. So I am not surprised that the Democrats are invested so heavily in making sure that the truth is not out. The people that saw [the exchange] were surprised, I suppose—in particular, those that are voting for Democrats. I don’t think that they understand how evil that the Democrat Party has become and how entrenched it is in the Democrat philosophy and their platform—abortion, killing what God calls His reward.”

“It is the party of anti-Christ,” she added. “They do not believe anything of scripture. When the Bible says don’t do something, they want to do it. When the Bible says do do something, they don’t want to. So it is good for us to be here, to testify, to bring that out of them, those congressional leaders, so that the people in the district now recognize who their congressman really is and they have a decision to make.”