‘Spiritual Warfare’ Event at Trump’s DC Hotel to Feature Pro-Trump ‘Prophet’ Lance Wallnau

Lance Wallnau talking about Seven Mountains Dominionism at the 2018 Values Voter Summit (Photo by Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Lance Wallnau, a “prophetic” author and promoter of Seven Mountains Dominionism, makes his money in part as a life coach/motivational speaker. He’s now inviting his followers to shell out about $1000 in registration fees for a “spiritual warfare” gathering at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. over Labor Day weekend.

Meeting in Trump’s D.C. hotel has become a way for entities ranging from foreign governments to lobbying groups to showcase their support for Trump while enriching the Trump family. But it’s even more than that for the subset of conservative Christians who believe Trump was anointed by God to save America and, some believe, to help bring about the second coming of Christ. In his conference promotion, Wallnau says that Trump International “has angelic activity at a different level” than other resorts. In an accompanying video message, he adds that the hotel is “Grand Central for spiritual activity.” At an earlier dominionist gathering at the hotel, prayer warriors asked God to unleash his angel armies against Trump’s enemies in the deep state.

One thing that Wallnau and other dominionist leaders offer their followers is the belief that they play a key role in the raging spiritual warfare over the fate of this country and humanity itself in the end times. “We have entered the timing of angelic warfare over the destiny of NATIONS!” Wallanu said in an email marketing his “Dream Trip” conference, which had the subject line, “Your Blueprint to ADVANCE in the Heavenly Battle.” He told his supporters, “Your destiny is wrapped up in a heavenly battle—the battle over the harvest of souls and nations.”

“The nation is in a turbulent wrestling match. Spiritual warfare is about whose version of reality will prevail on earth—Heaven or Hell?” Wallnau wrote:

YOU are a Prophetic Voice to speak forth the identity of your Nation. As I prophesied, God sent Trump, a “wrecking ball,” into this situation to “make the crooked mountains straight.” (Isaiah 45:3) You are part of that wrecking ball! And you are called to occupy land that is not able to resist you—if you move in the boldness, wisdom and zeal of this anointing.

Wallnau promised great things to those who attend his conference:

The Lord told me that this is where many of you are going to get aligned with the office and assignment He has called you to in the nations. It is a governing mantle, a “govern-mantle” anointing, as my friend Randy Bixby calls it. It is time you began to rule and shape the territory you are sent to occupy—from the inside out. Beginning with you! …

Washington is a portal of power in the earth and the perfect place for this spiritual transaction and impartation.

And there’s more in the same vein:

God chose THIS LOCATION at THIS TIME for a reason! It’s not just a quest for a more excellent prophetic vision for your life; I want to download into your spirit the revelation the Lord has given me about the prophetic vision for America and the nations and the era we are in.

God is sending a great shaking to the land. You who know me can bear witness that I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve been on the front lines of this thing with Donald Trump and his Cyrus call from the beginning. …

To “Make America Great Again,” it will require something more than a President can do. His battle is in the natural, but the remnant God is raising up has spiritual authority in every sphere of our assignment. Your Destiny Blueprint will unfold during this battle; You need to understand your call, and the call to your Nation in the next two years, six years, and until the end of this decade.

In his video message, Wallnau more explicitly ties the conference and its spiritual warfare to Trump and the 2020 election:

We’re living in the hour when the prophetic pattern that is hidden in the Bible is literally helping us know, not only the emergence of the Cyrus anointing as is on Donald Trump, but it’s on the president of Brazil, it’s in Hungary right now, in fact it’s in the Ukraine. And what that means is that we’re coming into this prophetic timeline, this period of history where the decree that has come out—and it’s coming out governmentally…

There’s a need for advancing from the decree of the governmental anointing that is happening globally on kings and on people like Donald Trump. The church has got to upgrade itself, it has to move in…There’s a group that comes up when Cyrus come into power…

We’re literally at a point where American culture, the future of this nation, the future is in the balance, and it was a remnant that made a decisive difference. I’m serious—it’s like 20,000 people in Wisconsin, 40,000 people in Michigan. It was a handful of people that shifted the outcome of what happened in 2016. And I’m telling you, man, the battle lines are drawn for 2020 and 90 percent of pastors don’t want to talk about it….

We’re having to be the grassroots movement that is going to rise up and make the difference again. It’s going to come back down to the body of Christ and a remnant…”

The $997 registration fee for Wallnau’s gathering—which jumps to $1497 after July 31—doesn’t appear to include the cost of a hotel room, which is not cheap at Trump International. And once you enter the registration process, you find out it doesn’t even include the cost of “networking lunches”—which run an extra $347 per person.

Wallnau does promise that some “surprise guests” will be appearing, along with evangelist Mario Murillo, who recently battled with Satan for spiritual control of the Highway 99 corridor in California.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Wallnau declared Trump to be anointed by God and a few weeks before the election he published a book calling Trump “God’s Chaos Candidate.” Wallnau, like other Religious Right leaders, has been granted insider access to the Trump administration, including a White House briefing on the administration’s Middle East peace plan, after which Wallnau took to Facebook Live to urge his followers to pray against any land-for-peace plan.