Speaker Mike Johnson: Democrats Want to ‘Destroy the American Dream’

Logo from House Speaker Mike Johnson fundraising email.

House Speaker Mike Johnson accused Democrats of trying to “destroy the American dream” in a fundraising email sent to right-wing activists Thursday morning.  Johnson, who told Christian nationalist lawmakers last year that God put him in power as an American “Moses,” wrote, “The radical Left hates our freedom, they hate our Judeo-Christian values, and they hate our Constitution.”

Johnson has led congressional Republicans in supporting former President Donald Trump’s efforts to discredit his recent criminal prosecution and conviction. Johnson continued the attack in today’s email, writing, “They manipulated a coordinated political hitjob to escalate a cluster of bogus charges to 34 felony convictions – with the help of a Biden-minion judge and prosecutor!”

Johnson wrote that the 2024 election is not only the most important in our lifetimes, but “the most important election in our country’s history.” He asked for cash to “Expose the Democrats for their failures and attempts to destroy the American dream, and fundamentally change our great country.” He accused the left of “attempting to bring in a legion of illegal immigrants and turn them into voters by neglecting the border.”

Johnson’s email is headed by a “Team Trump Official” logo. It is raising money for his own campaign account and for a joint Trump-RNC fundraising committee. The default allocation for a $100 contribution is $95 to Johnson and $5 to the Trump National Committee JFC President.

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