South Carolina’s Attorney General Raises Money for James O’Keefe

Right-wing smear artist James O’Keefe, known for his discredited, doctored probes into ACORN, NPR and CNN is now trying to “prove” the existence of massive voter fraud. He held a fundraiser today to support his efforts and was joined by none other than the Attorney General of South Carolina.

Apparently, South Carolina’s top prosecutor, Republican Alan Wilson, has no problem aiding an activist who not only has deceptively manipulated and edited videos of his past “stings” but also “received three years of probation, a fine of $1,500 and 100 hours of community service” after pleading guilty “to entering real property belonging to the United States under false pretenses.” O’Keefe and his cohorts dressed up as telephone workers and tried to tamper with the phones of Senator Mary Landrieu’s office.

Attorney General Wilson praised O’Keefe and criticized the Justice Department for putting a hold on the state’s discriminatory voter ID law:

South Carolina’s top prosecutor defended the state’s contested voter Identification law Tuesday at an event that doubled as a fundraiser for a conservative activist known for his undercover videos.

Attorney General Alan Wilson appeared before about a dozen people Tuesday with activist James O’Keefe in Columbia, who founded the Washington-based nonprofit, Project Veritas.

O’Keefe told the gathering he intends to make more videos, in which he pledged to “actually catch voter fraud as it actually happens.” “We plan to actually catch non-citizens voting,” O’Keefe said, but he didn’t say where or when he thought that might happen.

Wilson lauded O’Keefe and criticized the Justice Department’s intervention in the South Carolina case.

“What the Justice Department did was deny South Carolina voters the protection of law,” he said.