Sorry To See You Go, Crazy Right-Wing Pharmacy

Back in 2008, I wrote a post entitled “Welcome to the Neighborhood, Crazy Right-Wing Pharmacy” about the opening of “full life pharmacy” in my neighborhood in Virginia that refused to sell birth-control pills, condoms, cigarettes or pornographic magazines.

I no longer live in that neighborhood, which is why I was unaware that it has now gone out of business until I saw this article over at Pam’s House Blend:

DMC Pharmacy, a pro-life Catholic pharmacy that opened with much fanfare in Chantilly, Va., in October 2008, closed last month because of lack of funds.

“We could not make it work financially,” said Robert Laird, executive director for the pharmacy, whose letters stood for Divine Mercy Care. “We could never get that big push to make it viable and finally the board of directors said enough was enough.”

By the time the store closed March 4, it was losing in the tens of thousands of dollars per month … Situated next to a Catholic bookstore, the founders hoped to attract clientele from St. Timothy and St. Veronica, two nearby Catholic parishes totaling 20,000 members. Within five miles were four other booming churches with 30,000 Catholics. And it was situated in the fast-growing Diocese of Arlington with 428,417 adherents.

But regular customers never materialized in great numbers.

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