So Much For The New Scott Lively

Earlier this year, The Boston Globe reported that notorious anti-gay activist Scott Lively was “toning down his antigay rhetoric and shifting his focus to helping the downtrodden” by opening a coffee shop, saying this new venture was going to be “completely different from all the things that I’ve done in the past” and that he was going “to stop being involved in the other [anti-gay] stuff.”

Not surprisingly, Lively hasn’t actually given up his anti-gay activism, as earlier this month Lively was in Moldova warning of “secret plan by the homosexual powers of the EU” to destroy the country. 

And now he warned the AFA’s OneNewsNow about efforts to “include social sciences instruction on the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people,” claiming it is an attempt to coerce people iton “being pro-gay”:

Dr. Scott Lively, president of Defend the Family International, tells OneNewsNow that now is the time for Christians to voice their concern.

“And politics is a part of every church, it’s part of every family — and frankly, the reason we’re suffering the consequences that we are is because the church has abdicated its responsibilities to be stewards of civil society.”

The bill would mandate that teachers, textbooks, and materials present a positive image of the LGBT lifestyle.

“This isn’t about tolerance. This isn’t even about acceptance,” Lively emphasizes. “This is about celebration and even goes further than that — the next step after that is forced acceptance; you’re coerced into being pro-gay.”

Lively explains that the bill is another method for homosexual activists to identify and go after those who do not support homosexuality — in much the same manner that activists aggressively targeted those who supported Proposition 8.