So Much For the “Change of Tone” At The Maine Family Policy Council

It was just last week that we reported that following the departure of Mike Heath from the Maine Family Policy Council, the organization had announced a new interim president and executive director who had as his mission undoing all of the embarrassment Heath had caused the organization with his ridiculous statements.

Well, that is going to be kind of hard if, as Jeremy notes, the organization keep writing things like this about how “Immorality is Worse than BP Oil Spill“:

Those who viewed the environmental damage — Christians and non-believers alike — called the damage “apocalyptic.” Our culture is awash in a flood of impurity of another kind, and that is the loosening of the rules intended to conserve and perpetuate life.

The shining whiteness of the bridal gown, symbolizing purity and the power that purity conveys, has been stained — or smudged, if you will — by pornography, sex before marriage, marital infidelity, divorce, abortion and, now, so-called marriages between people of the same sex.

We here in Maine have been spared the effects of many recent natural or man-made calamities. But we should not allow our presumed immunity from disaster to divert our attention from the many moral problems that confront us. If these problems are not cured, they will prove worse than any catastrophic oil spill.

We count among these problems the indecent march in Farmington, the increasing number of so-called Gentlemen’s Clubs, the dangerous disrespect for women in the media and the incessant attacks on the natural family by government and advocates of same-sex marriage.

All these are violations of natural law, and as result, poison the life of society at its root. Much good can come of the oil spill in the Gulf, if the natural calamity reminds us to restore purity and innocence to America. Those in positions of authority, especially those who instruct the next generation, must work to preserve morality and right order in society.

They must stop justifying harmful and immoral actions by a specious appeal to freedom. If they do not, our continued existence as a nation will be imperiled, just as surely as the growing tide of oil imperils life in the Gulf.