Since When Do Moderates Take Hostages?

It seems as if some on the Right just cannot accept that any of President Bush’s nominees might not deserve confirmation, leading people like the Family Research Council’s Tom McClusky to lash out wildly – in this case, against the hated “Gang of 14”

“The presumption by the ‘Gang of 14’ that somehow their individual vote carries greater weight than the other 86 members of the U.S. Senate is highly offensive and clearly unconstitutional. The self-ordained power these fourteen moderates wield continues to pervert what was for two centuries a timely, fair and decent confirmation process.

“It is time for this illegitimate coalition of Senate moderates to release the judicial hostages and allow a fair up or down vote on all nominees. The Constitution does not ask for the approval of 14 self-appointed judicial guardians. Instead, the Constitution requires the advice and consent of the whole Senate. I call upon the ‘Gang of 14’ to respect the process, respect the nominees, and respect the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend.”

The fact that FRC has sunk to launching attacks against “moderates” and accusing them of holding “judicial hostages” speaks volumes about the Right’s determination to see even Bush’s most unqualified nominees confirmed.