Shane Vaughn: ‘They Shoot ‘Em in North Korea, and They Kill ‘Em in America’

Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn went on a screaming rant during a livestream last Thursday, saying there is no difference between conservatives being booted from social media platforms in the United States and dissidents being executed by the government in North Korea.

Vaughn seized on a report about a North Korean citizen who was executed for violating the state’s “anti-reactionary thought law” by selling bootleg copies of South Korean movies and music, declaring that the same thing is happening to conservatives in America under President Joe Biden.

“They want to make illegal—and they have in North Korea—any messaging that is out of sync with what the government is saying,” Vaughn said. “Somebody said, ‘Well, that will never happen in America.’ It all ready is. Control the way the people think, and then make those that think contrary to the masses—belittle them to such a place to where they’re all a bunch of freaks, they’re all a bunch of fringe, fringe people—do that and then kill them. They brought fear to those citizens that watched that man get shot and killed, and yet every day in America, YouTube, Facebook, and all of the others—which are agents of the state—do the same thing.”

“Any reactionary thought to what the government tells you is good for you; in North Korea, they line you up and shoot you,” he continued to rant. “‘In America, they don’t do that.’ Really? Do you not know that the best way to kill somebody is to shut them up, to destroy their influence, destroy their voice, destroy their credibility? That’s all you have to do. It’s the same thing. They shoot ’em in North Korea, and they kill ’em in America.”

“This man was killed last week. I have friends in social media that was killed,” Vaughn added. “You know how you kill ’em now? You don’t take out a bullet. No, no, no. You pull their account. You know how they killed President Donald Trump? They didn’t put a bullet through him; they did something worse: They destroyed his ability to speak. You better wake up! You better see how North Korea is no different than the United States of America under its current administration.”

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