“Sexual Immorality” of DWTS Contestants Offset By Bristol Palin

I really have nothing to add to this OneNewsNow article about how Dancing With the Stars rewards women with a “history of sexual immorality” … except for Bristol Palin, who is of course on the show in order to “perhaps provide balance” to the other sexually immoral contestants:

Dancing with the Stars is at it again, inviting more young women with a history of sexual immorality to compete on the show — which gets high ratings from women viewers.

Audrina Patridge, reality television star and pin-up girl, has signed on for the upcoming season, following in the footsteps of Season 7 contestant Kim Kardashian, who is known for her X-rated video tape that resulted in a reality show and modeling career.

Karin Agness of the Network of Enlightened Women thinks these kinds of deals convey a glorification of immoral behavior to young, female viewers.

“I think for some of those young women, attention and exposure is everything,” Agness suggests. “When they get invited on shows like this, it just reaffirms that what they’re doing is what they need to be doing in order to succeed.”

In an effort to perhaps provide balance to the new season, Dancing with the Stars has also signed Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter, who became a spokesperson for abstinence after giving birth to a son when she was 17.

For the record, here is Bristol Palin being all-not-sexually-immoral: