Seven Mountains Theology Makes Its Way To The AFA

A few months ago, a post appeared on the American Family Association’s blog criticizing the Religious Right for aligning itself with “false prophets” like Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner and Lou Engle.

The post was, not surprisingly, immediatedly removed because the inclusion of these self-proclaimed prophets and apostles and the dominionist Seven Mountains theology they promote has largely become accepted and embraced within the movement to such an extent that leaders like David Barton are openly promoting it.

The same can now be said for the AFA itself, which featured Seven Mountains proponent Os Hillman on a recent broadcast of “Today’s Issues,” one of its flagship programs, where nearly the entire discussion was dedicated to the Seven Mountains concept. 

Hillman explained that success of the gay rights movement is a result of the fact that a small percentage of people control the media mountain and the arts and entertainment mountain and have systematically used them to promote acceptance on this issue.  Hillman went on to assert that this success is merely a “symptom of a greater problem” within the family mountain and that if Christians lose control of this mountain “we lose all the other ones”: