Sebastian Gorka Launches New Show With Far-Right Canadian Outlet

Sebastian Gorka, who once served as a White House aide to President Trump, has launched a new show with Canadian far-right news outlet The Rebel called “The Gorka Briefing.”

Gorka was ousted from his White House position shortly after former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon left the administration to reclaim his throne at Breitbart News (before he was embarrassingly fired). Gorka reportedly claimed in a resignation letter that he could best support Trump from “outside the People’s House.” He then teamed up with Bannon to become a prominent voice at Breitbart News, but since Bannon was ousted that position, Gorka’s presence on the platform has dwindled.

Now Gorka has found a home at The Rebel, which as LobeLog reports, has previously hosted extreme far-right content such as a video in which former Rebel contributor Gavin McInnes, who now works at CRTV, defended Holocaust deniers and made a satirical video called “Ten Things I Hate About Jews.” Other Rebel contributors have been revealed to hold extremist views.

On Friday, Gorka appeared in the first published episode of “The Gorka Briefing,” where he set out to “untangle” reports about the special investigation into suspected Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 general election. In the video, he explained that Russians meddling in foreign elections is not a new phenomenon and that acting as if it was is “ridiculous.”

He went on to call the Christopher Steele dossier a collection of “salacious stories that you’d find in a penny dreadful novel” and said that the federal government used “Russian disinformation to spy on an opposition party candidate” before going on to discuss the much-hyped FISA memo.

A follow-up episode of “The Gorka Briefing” was dedicated to explaining “the real” President Trump and claiming that “so much rubbish” has been written about Trump.

“He’s had to put up with the kind of smears that would have made lesser men hide under a rock somewhere,” Gorka said.