Schlafly Reportedly Falls, Breaks A Hip

It is not everyday that I write posts based on something reported by Michelle Malkin, but since she is one of the only people reporting that right-wing icon Phyllis Schlafly recently fell and broke her hip last week, I guess it’ll have to do:

She carried her message to the University of California at Berkeley on Tuesday, where she gave a talk on “Feminism vs. Conservatism.” The California Eagle Forums’ Orlean Koehle reports that while coming off the podium after giving her speech, she missed a step and fell and broke her hip.

Orlean says that she was amazingly brave. The ambulance men lifted her up and onto their gurney. As she was wheeled away, she waved goodbye to them with her beautiful smile. She was charming to the end, even with a broken hip. What a great example she was of a gracious, refined, brave lady, even in great pain, to all of the young college Republicans and to the feminists who still were mingling around.

Phyllis was operated on Wednesday afternoon and was in the recovery room for several hours. She had to have part of the hip bone – the ball that fits into the socket replaced because it had been crushed.The doctor said the operation was successful. They just need to keep on eye on her now for a few days and make sure all else goes well. There is always fear of a blood clot or something else after such an operation.

The Eagle Forum blog seems to confirm that this is indeed the case. 

Considering that Schlafly has long been an advocate for tort reform and an outspoken opponent of trial lawyers and frivolous lawsuits, one wonders if she will follow in the footsteps of Robert Bork and file suit against the university.