Scarborough Jumps Into Houston Mayoral Race With Anti-Gay Email

The other day we noted how Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker was coming under attack from right wing anti-gay activists, among them Steve Hotze, who was a backer of Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign.

Now it looks like other Huckabee supporters are getting in on the act as well. As Towleroad reports, Rick Scarbrough of Vision America has sent out this email to Texas activists warning that Parker and others want “to recruit children to their lifestyle”::

Houston is facing the most critical city elections in its history. As a minister of the Gospel and a concerned former citizen of Houston, whose children and grandchildren live there, I am writing this letter to warn you of the devastating consequences which may occur if you overlook the threat which the December 12th runoff elections pose for the city of Houston. You will have two choices when you vote.

The Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered (GLBT) Political Caucus has fielded a slate of endorsed candidates in the City of Houston Runoff Elections. They are searching the city for votes for their candidates and if successful, Houston will become increasingly like the city of San Francisco.

The Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered (GLBT) Political Caucus Slate

Mayor – Annise Parker
City Controller – Ron Green

City Council Races:
District A – Lane Lewis
District F – Mike Laster
At Large Position 1 – Karen Derr
At Large Position 2 – Sue Lovell
At Large Position 5 – Jolanda Jones
HISD School Board Position 1 – Alma Lara
HISD School Board Position 9 – Adrian Collins

Money is pouring in from homosexual groups around the country who want Houston to become the San Francisco of the South.

The Homosexual Agenda

1. Legalize same sex marriage.

2. Mandate public acceptance of the homosexual activities.

3. Teach homosexuality to school children, starting in kindergarten, as an acceptable, alternative lifestyle. This is known as multisexualism. This enables homosexuals to recruit children to their lifestyle.

4. Lower or remove age of consent laws leading to relaxation of laws prohibiting pedophilia. See /

5. Elevate homosexuals to a minority class, leading to affirmative action for homosexuals in the workplace. Cross dressers could force employers to accept their actions at work.

6. Prohibit any speech which opposes homosexual activity. This would be considered “hate speech” and have criminal sanctions. This would destroy 1st Amendment free speech rights for those who oppose homosexual conduct and the homosexual political movement.

7. Require employee benefits to be provided to same sex partners.

8. Elect candidates to office who will work to implement the homosexual agenda.

If you DO NOT support the homosexual agenda and do not want Houston to become another San Francisco, then please consider voting for the following candidates:

Recommended Slate of Candidates

Mayor – Gene Locke
City Controller – M.J. Khan

City Council Races:
District A – Brenda Stardig
District F – Al Hoang
At Large Position 1 – Stephen C. Costello
At Large Position 2 – Andrew C. Burks, Jr.
At Large Position 5 – Jack Christie
HISD School Board Position 1 – Anna Eastman
HISD School Board Position 9 – Lawrence Marshall

If people who hold to traditional values neglect to vote in this election, the results will be far reaching. The above list of candidates is not perfect by any measure, but I strongly recommend them over the alternative. This election illustrates like few others why good men and women must stay engaged as concerned citizens.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Please forward this to your family and friends on your e-mail distribution lists.


Dr. Rick Scarborough
President of Vision America Action