Scarborough: Gen. McChrystal Sacrificing Himself for Soldiers To Protest WH Officials Who Hate The Military

Today I tuned in to listen to the radio program hosted by Vision America’s Rick Scarborough because the scheduled guest was to be Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. 

The title of Scarbrough’s show is “Mixing Church and State, God’s Way.”  Seriously. 

Unfortunately Perkins didn’t appear on the program and was replaced by Shawn Akers from Liberty Law School, but I did manage to record the beginning of the broadcast where Scarborough weighed in on the big story regarding the controversy stemming from statements Gen. Stanley McChrystal made in an article in Rolling Stone.

In Scarborough’s view, McChrystal should be hailed because he “has enough courage to sacrifice himself for his soldiers” by standing up to the Obama administration which hates the military and is bringing God’s judgment upon America … even though he did so in that “filthy magazine” Rolling Stone:

General McChrystal spoke to one of the writers for one of the most liberal magazines in the country, Rolling Stone magazine. No, I won’t be purchasing that copy, I wouldn’t give my money to that kind of a magazine.

The Washington Post carries an article from the parts released by this filthy magazine – one of the leading magazines in the rock and roll world and in its own right has become a source for a lot of people’s news. But all of us ought to be asking why would a general of this caliber who has a stellar career – came up through special ops, is a real hero of heroes, a soldier’s soldier – why would he put in jeopardy a stellar career to give such open condemnation for the way the war is run, for what he calls the greatest enemy “the wimps in the White House.” Why in the world would he put so much at stake? Is it because he has enough courage to sacrifice himself for his soldiers?

General McChrystal has created quite an overnight firestorm with his comments about the way the war is being run, about the people in charge. Folks, there is no secret the people in charge of our military, the civilians in charge, in large measure have a disdain for the military.

Our government, since the current administration has taken over, has been more courteous and kind to our enemies in the Middle East than they have to our allies. They way they’ve treated Israel has been shameful and I think a lot of the tragedy we’re facing right now could be attributed to that, if in fact you believe there is a God in Heaven, and you believe that the Bible is true, and you believe that God keeps his promises and also holds forth the judgment the he promises to those that transgress his law.