Scarborough Decries Presidential Forum: ‘What’s Next? The Bestiality Debates?’

Rick Scarborough, president of Vision America, writes that the recent Democratic presidential forum sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and Logo TV was “the latest reminder of how far we have fallen from the exalted purposes upon which this nation was founded”: a “homosexual sponsored debate carried live on a homosexual television network.”

So far this political season we have had Frosty the Snowman asking questions over YouTube and now the “Gay Debates” to see just which candidate is willing to grant the most favor to a lifestyle which historical Christianity calls sinful. What’s next? The Cross Dresser Debates? Or perhaps the NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Lovers Association) Debates? Or here’s one for the ages — The Bestiality Debates. Not possible? That’s what I thought about our leaders attending a debate sponsored by homosexuals twenty years ago.

Scarborough, a former Texas pastor, was a pioneer in developing the “Patriot Pastor” model of church-based electoral organizing, and he’s currently touring churches with Alan Keyes and ex-Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt to build up a “base” for November 2008. As he explained, quoting his “Rick Scarborough Version” of the Bible at his first “One Day Crusade” last month (of a planned 70): “He who hath the most votes wins.”

So far, turnout – and press coverage – has been slim for Scarborough’s events, and although reports aren’t in yet for yesterday’s scheduled rally in Sulphur Springs, Texas, organizers claim the project is “gaining momentum.” Unfortunately for them, the effort is running low on financial support.