Save Yourself Hundreds By Watching the Tea Party Convention On Line

It looks like everyone who decided not to shell out $550 to attend the National Tea Party Convention or $350 for Sarah Palin’s speech at the event made a wise decision because organizers have now announced that several key portions of the convention, including Palin’s speech, will be available via webcast:

Tea Party Nation has worked behind the scenes to arrange for the live broadcast of the opening of the of National Tea Party Convention, keynote speeches during the conference and a live broadcast of Sarah Palin’s address.

Working with the internet media company, PJTV as well as FOX News, CNN and Reuters TV, the National Tea Party Convention will allow the millions of Tea Party activists who could not be in attendance to view many of the proceedings live along with special interviews of delegates and speakers alike.

Tea Party Nation will publish the broadcast information on the National Tea Party Convention website for viewing times and a schedule of those events. We hope you enjoy the proceedings of this historic conference.

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