Sandy Rios: The Left Doesn’t Want You To Have Air Conditioning

Religious Right radio host and American Family Association official Sandy Rios told listeners today that the “far left” environmentalists who supported President Barrack Obama’s Clean Power Plan are anti-air conditioning and “do not want us to have energy.”

On her radio program this morning, Rios discussed President Donald Trump’s rollback of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which Rios said was “issued to destroy coal mining” and “prop up so-called alternative forms of energy.” After praising Trump’s move, she pivoted to criticizing liberals for supporting the plan in the first place.

Rios prefaced her remarks by saying that it would sound “so bizarre” for her non-regular listeners.

“The far left, especially environmentalists, do not want us to have energy. They don’t want us to have homes that are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They think that we should go back to conditions of long, long ago,” Rios said.

She then pointed to a line from a speech President Obama delivered in 2008 in which he explained that tighter emissions regulation would increase the cost of producing electricity with fossil fuels, resulting in less energy being used and higher consumer costs.

“We do not have a crisis of energy. We have a crisis of philosophy,” Rios said.

Rios continued, “We have a group of people whose goal it is to alter the way of life that western civilization enjoys. They think it’s terrible wicked, we don’t deserve this, it should be destroyed.”