Sandy Rios Sees No Difference Between Shakespeare And Feeding Christians To The Lions

On her radio program yesterday, the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios praised the alt-right protesters who disrupted a New York production of “Julius Caesar” that portrays the title character, who is stabbed to death, as President Trump, saying that watching the play is no different than watching Christians be fed to the lions in ancient Rome.

“I have to say if I were there that night,” Rios said, “I might have gone up on the stage with [the protesters] … I couldn’t have sat through it. How can people do that?”

Rios railed against those who watch such portrayals of violence, fuming that “your quiet passivity is approval” and praising one of the protesters who told the crowd that they were Nazis and that “the blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands.”

“I don’t have a quarrel with that,” she said. “If you’re doing a production that shows the violent, brutal murder of your president and you sit and say, by your presence, that it’s okay and meanwhile you know that there are very real threats and people have just been shot and nearly killed, you have a responsibility.”

“I’ve got no problem with what they did,” Rios concluded. “I swear, we have to be honest with each other and we have to call this out. People are becoming violent, they are becoming the mobs of Rome. The mobs of Rome use to go into the stadium and watch people—especially Christians, but not just Christians—be brutally murdered by animals, stabbed, dismembered, drawn and quartered while they ate their snacks and cheered and yelled for more brutality. What is the difference? I ask you, what is the difference?”