Sandy Rios: Journalists Are ‘Really Trying To Destroy The Foundations Of The Country’

Religious Right talk show host Sandy Rios, who also serves as the American Family Association’s governmental affairs director, lauded President Donald Trump this morning for aggressively smearing journalists that Rios believes are “trying to destroy the foundations of the country” during his speech last night in Phoenix.

During today’s broadcast of her radio program, Rios played a clip of last night’s speech in which Trump blamed “fake news” and the “crooked media” for division in the United States. She then read from news coverage critical of the speech and discussed former National Intelligence Director James Clapper’s appearance on CNN where he questioned Trump’s fitness for office.

“If you didn’t hear the speech, you would believe them, right? Because this is what they’re in the business of doing,” Rios told listeners. “And at this point it seems the press has gone so far to the left I would go so far to say they really are trying to destroy the foundations of the country.”

She also claimed that young journalists are unqualified to write about politics because they do not understand history and are being influenced by older, leftist media figures.

“I think there are a lot of young people in journalism now who have no sense of history, very little knowledge. They may be good writers. Maybe they can spell and do punctuation or maybe they understand how to do Word documents on the computer,” Rios said. “But they don’t really know enough to be doing what they’re doing.”

Rios continued, “The media, with the complicity of the older guys who are leftists, who are steering the hearts and minds and souls and the course of the younger people who are illiterate and uneducated—we’ve got a disaster on our hands.”

Rios then praised Trump for attacking the press. “It’s great, because they are liars. They’re dangerous,” Rios said. “And they are the third rail right now in American politics.”