Sam Rohrer: Undocumented Immigrants Are ‘Enemies of America’ and ‘Opponents of God’

Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network appeared on VCY America’s “Crosstalk” radio program last week, where he asserted that undocumented immigrants are “enemies of America” who hate God and seek to “destroy our freedoms and our Constitution.”

Rohrer insisted that when the Bible talks about immigrants, it refers to them as “strangers” and that the term has various meanings in the original Hebrew. One meaning, Rohrer said, applied to those who sought to enter Israel and become a part of the Jewish nation, whereas another meaning referred to “enemies” who sought to destroy the nation. In the first case, the Israelites where to “take that person and lead them to God,” but in the second case, they were “enemy strangers who will rise up and burn your cities and kill your people and harm your women and harm your children.”

“The strangers, the enemies inside the gate, this is a sign of judgment upon the people,” said host Jim Schneider.

“That is exactly correct,” replied Rohrer. “That is what God said, He said, ‘I will allow these strangers to come into your land and at a point in time, they will rise up, they will burn your cities, they will kill your women, they will harm your people, they will take your land.’ That is what God said … We are seeing God’s judgment on America by the fact that our nation is now filled with strangers, strangers who are enemies of America, opponents of the God of Heaven, and those who seek to diminish and to destroy our freedoms and our Constitution. That is God’s judgment when you see that happen.”