Sam Rohrer Says the ‘Coup’ to Allegedly Steal the Election From Trump Is a Sign of the End Times

During an appearance on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program Tuesday, Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network said that the alleged effort to steal the election from President Donald Trump is a treasonous coup for which people must be tried by a military tribunal, and a sign that we are living in the End Times.

“This is a coup,” Rohrer said, citing Wednesday’s “Stop the Steal” event led by conspiracy theorist attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell in Georgia. “If it’s true—as we heard yesterday from Lin Wood and now supported by other mechanisms—that China actually bought Dominion Voting on Oct. 8, you actually have now a military operation where this is cyber warfare. And as [retired Gen. Thomas] McInerney says, the president as commander-in-chief needs to step in and pull up the Insurrection Act and say, ‘This is a military issue,’ and round up those who have committed treason, and then it goes down the path of a military tribunal. This is the kind of big stuff that is actually in front of us right now.”

“Those who are viewing [this] right now need to understand that there is far more at play,” he continued. “This is not a Democrat or a Republican issue. This is way bigger than that. This is warfare. It is cyber warfare, at the very least. It is more than that. It’s spiritual warfare at the highest levels manifesting itself, but it’s in the context of these End Days where deception comes forth, the man of sin is ultimately revealed, and all of this is set up ultimately where the justice of God is brought against the God-defying nations of the world.”