Sam Rohrer: Having Women In Positions Of Political Leadership Is A ‘Mark Of Judgment’ Upon A Nation

Earlier this week, the American Pastors Network dedicated its daily “Stand in the Gap” radio program to discussing the question of whether it is “biblical to have women in positions of government,” during which APN board member Gary Dull argued that women should not be elected to such positions because it is “very clear in the scripture that a woman should not be in authority over men.”

Yesterday, APN president Sam Rohrer appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program to discuss the issue, where he provided a more “enlightened” answer to this question by insisting that while it’s not necessarily unbiblical for women to hold positions of political authority, it is a sign that a society is under God’s judgment. 

Like Dull, Rohrer cited a verse from Isaiah 3 declaring that “youths oppress my people, women rule over them” when a nation is under judgment to assert that having women in leadership positions is “a mark of judgment” upon a nation.

“It was a mark of the lack of male leadership in positions to which God had called them,” he said. “They rejected who God was, they departed, walking away from him — and I think we can draw the parallels to our country, obviously … When that happens, [leaders] become tyrants or oppressors and God said, ‘And women shall be rulers over you.’ And that’s where a lot of the context comes from, that that’s an anathema.” 

“God does raise up women,” Rohrer said, “there is no question about it, but the real condemnation is not the women in office, the condemnation is the disregard and the absolute inability for male leadership to perform as God intended it and I believe that that’s the application for us now.”