Sam Brownback: The Dominionist’s Man In Washington

In our post yesterday on Sam Brownback finally acknowledging his long relationship with Lou Engle, we noted that Brownback sought to downplay it by claiming that they only worked on human rights issues:

Brownback, of Topeka, said he worked with Engle on adoption by the U.S. Senate of official statements of apology to Native Americans and African-Americans. He said the Native American statement became law.

“Those were the substantive items,” Brownback said. “It’s all been about human rights and helping people live better.”

Now, as anyone who knows anything about Engle and his associates realizes, every move they make is aimed at unleashing revival here in America and ultimately establishing God’s kingdom on Earth … and that is exactly what was at work in these two cases.

If you jump ahead to the 4 minute mark of this video of Sen. Brownback on the Senate floor discussing the apology for slavery, you will hear him talk about a “kettle tour”:

This “kettle tour” was organized by Engle associates Dutch Sheets and Will Ford in order to create a “‘synergistic agreement’ that will release a multiplication of power for spiritual breakthrough” and Brownback played a key role in the tour when it came to Washington: 

The idea for what is being called the “Kettle Tour” was birthed during a conference last March when Sheets spoke about the joining of the present generation’s prayers with those of the past to form a “synergy of the ages.”

Will Ford, an African American conference attendee from Euless, Texas, shared a powerful story about an old kettle that had been passed down through the generations from his slave ancestors.

“My ancestors would be beaten if they were caught praying,” Ford explained, “so they’d wait until everyone was asleep, sneak into the barn late at night, turn this pot upside down on some rocks, and get underneath it to pray where they wouldn’t be heard. Although they didn’t believe they would see freedom in their lifetime, they prayed for the freedom of the next generation.”

When Ford heard Sheets speak about the “bowls of incense,” which contained the prayers of the saints from all generations, mentioned in Revelation 5:8, he said he realized his prayers were being united with those of his slave ancestors.

Ford agreed to travel throughout New England with Sheets and a team of people, taking along his “prayer kettle” as a symbol of what God desires to do in this nation.

“God is connecting all the ages to heal history,” Sheets told the prayer participants in Washington. “We must come into agreement with the prayers of past generations in order for God to fulfill His purposes for this nation.”

Pointing to a significant movement of repentance and reconciliation between races, genders, and denominations that has already taken place in the last few years, Sheets believes God is now desiring a “synergistic agreement” that will release a multiplication of power for spiritual breakthrough.

“The church has been so disjointed that we haven’t been able to accomplish what the Lord wants to do through us, but we’re moving into a season in the body of Christ where I believe over the next five years there’s going to be more joining together of the church than in all the 2,000 years leading up to this.”

At the Washington prayer gathering, Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., told those present that in all the history of the country nothing has happened but that it happened first in prayer.

“We’ve made it up the mountain a long way, but we have to make that final assault on the peak,” Brownback said. “We can make that final leap to the top, if we stay on our knees.”

The same goes for the apology issued to Native Americans – it was considered “a requirement of the Lord for the healing of this land” and once again Brownback played a key role in transforming the religious concerns of these self-proclaimed apostles and prophets into public policy:

[On] January 15, 2003 Dr. John Benefiel, Chairman and Mobilizing Apostle of OCOP, along with Dr. Jay Swallow, Dr. Neigel Bigpond, Jim and Faith Chosa, Gabriel and Vi Medicine-Eagle, Jean Stephenson, Sandy Grady and Mike and Cindy Jacobs met with Senator Sam Brownback in Washington, D.C. Dr. Benefiel explained to the Senator the curse brought upon our nation because of the 381 covenants the United States Government broke with the Native Americans. The Senator repented to the Native Americans right then and there. As a result of these events, Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 37, (which will provide a formal apology from the United States Government to Native Americans), was written and is currently on General Order in the U.S. Senate awaiting a full Senate vote … [Dutch Sheets] said the starting of the 50 State Tour could not have happened until what happened in D.C. took place with the broken covenants and the repentance of Senator Brownback.

And here is Brownback being introduced by Sheets at the 2007 The Call rally in Nashville where he officially apologized to several Native Americans for the actions of the federal government and asked for their forgiveness.  He then issued a similar apology for the treatment of African Americans which he delivered to none other than Harry Jackson before finally bringing his own daughter out on stage and asking her for forgiveness for the 40 million abortions that have taken place in the wake of Roe v Wade:

Engle, Sheets, Jacobs and other are all key leaders in the dominionist movement and Sam Brownback has had a deep relationship with them for years, often serving as their man in Washington and joining them for various events and even living with Engle for several months at one point … so his recent claims that he doesn’t really have any contact with them and has “concerns” about their views is, quite literally, unbelievable.