Rusty Thomas: Dan Fisher Will ‘Break The Curse’ Of Roe v. Wade In Oklahoma

Speaking at a rally last weekend for Dan Fisher, a candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Oklahoma who promises to ignore Roe v. Wade and criminalize abortion in the state, Rusty Thomas of Operation Save America declared that if elected, Fisher will eradicate “blood-guiltiness from the state of Oklahoma” and “break the curse” that Roe put upon America.

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion rights in Roe, Thomas said, it “established a national sin that has brought national calamity upon all of us. In particular, it brought the curse of blood-guiltiness.”

Fisher, he said, has promised to “interpose to make Oklahoma the first abortion-free state in the United States of America.”

“Once he does that, once he ignores and defies Roe v. Wade, once he establishes justice, once he ends all abortion now, he eradicates blood-guiltiness from the state of Oklahoma,” Thomas declared, before leading the audience in a chant of “Break the curse! Break the curse!”