Roger Stone: Trump Must Order FBI To Investigate Seth Rich Murder

Far-right radio host Alex Jones spoke with Roger Stone today about the Washington Post report finding that President Trump leaked highly sensitive information to Russian officials about ISIS.

Jones and Stone quickly reasoned that the newspaper’s report, which they dismissed as a hoax, was simply an attempt to cover up a story from a local Fox affiliate in Washington, D.C. The Fox story claimed that late Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, who was killed last year, was the source of the hacked DNC emails released by WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential election.

Stone, an informal adviser to Trump, urged Trump to get the FBI to investigate Rich’s death.

“This is a classic example of them creating fake news in an attempt to blunt this devastating news,” he said. “What the president should do immediately is order that the FBI take over the investigation into the Rich murder from the D.C. Metropolitan Police.”

The Washington Post, Stone said, is “the house organ for the Central Intelligence Agency” and was determined to use “manufactured fake news” to “blunt the impact of the Seth Rich breaking story.”

The Fox story on Rich, however, has many holes.

The outlet relied on the work of Rod Wheeler, a Fox News analyst and an unabashed Trump supporter, who once falsely claimed that underground lesbian gangs were rampaging through American cities. Wheeler was reportedly paid by another Fox News analyst to conduct an independent investigation into Rich’s murder but his findings were rejected by Rich’s family and D.C. Police.

While Wheeler said he knows that proof of the late staffer’s supposed contact with WikiLeaks exists on Rich’s computer, he doesn’t appear to know where the computer is.

Despite the shoddy reporting, the Fox News Channel, Breitbart, and the Drudge Report, among other right-wing outlets, all ran with the story.

And now one of Trump’s advisers is pushing the president to get personally involved.