Roger Stone: Investigate Uranium One To Build A Firewall Around Trump

Roger Stone, a longtime right-wing political operative and former adviser to President Trump, revealed the reasons Republicans have aggressively pushed to transform the year-old Uranium One story into a special counsel investigation: discrediting the FBI and shutting down investigations into Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

Today on Infowars, Stone shared the right-wing media’s strategy behind advancing the bogus Uranium One conspiracy theory, which alleges that Hillary Clinton transferred 20 percent of America’s uranium supply to Russia in exchange for a donation to her nonprofit group, the Clinton Foundation. The story has been thoroughly rebutted, but many right-wing media figures such as Stone have spent the last week seething with outrage at the FBI’s supposed indifference to the uranium deal.

In light of news today that special counsel Robert Mueller has filed charges against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort for money laundering and conspiring against the United States, Stone let slip the actual reason right-wing media have been calling for an investigation into the Uranium One deal—to build a firewall around President Trump.

“It’s very clear to me what the president needs to do here,” Stone said to Infowars host Alex Jones. “And that is he must insist upon the appointment of a special counsel on the issue of Uranium One.”

A special investigation, Stone claimed, would necessarily have to investigate people who have led the federal investigation into potential Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the 2016 election: Mueller, former FBI director James Comey, FBI deputy director David McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“Those gentlemen would have to step down if they were the target of a federal investigation,” Stone said.