Rodney Howard-Browne’s ‘Eskimo Friends’ Assure Him That Global Warming Is ‘A Total Fabrication’

During his sermon last Sunday at his The River At Tampa Bay Church, right-wing pastor Rodney Howard-Browne informed his congregation that global warming is “a total fabrication,” basing that bold assertion on the personal experience of his “Eskimo friends.”

Howard-Browne, a radical conspiracy theorist who laid hands on and prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office last year, declared that the recent rash of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are all due to the fact that we are really going through “a mini ice age.”

“Most people who talk about global warming have no clue what they are talking about,” he said. “That’s all a total fabrication and garbage. The earth is actually not heating, it’s actually cooling, sorry to tell you, because everything functions off the activity of the sun. Right now the sun’s activity is at a minimum and that is what they call a Grand Solar Minimum.”

Howard-Browne said that magnetic solar winds are reacting with the earth’s core, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, adding that world leaders are pushing the false narrative about global warming because it is an excuse to impose a global tax to fund their one-world government.

“I’ve got news for you, the ice caps are not melting,” he said. “In actual fact, the arctic ice is at an all time high right now. You say, ‘Why do you say that?’ Because I have Eskimo friends. I talk to my Eskimo friends probably three times a week. Some will say, ‘The polar bears are dying.’ They are not dying. There are more polar bears … they don’t even know what to do with the polar bears; he texted me and said, ‘I’m looking at a polar bear through my window right now.'”

“Yeah, we we saw a picture of a staving polar bear,” Howard-Browne continued. “He’s an old bear that cannot hunt any more and National Geographic was there to take a picture. When you can’t hunt any more, you get skinny and you get old and you die.”