Robison: Wealthy Capitalists are the Victims of a Dangerous ‘Type of Racism’

Over the weekend, James Robison and Jay Richards took their promotional tour for their new book “Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It’s Too Late” to Richard Land’s weekly radio program.

During the interview, Robison warned that there is “a type of racism” growing in America against “free market capitalists” akin to the kind that they stood against along with Martin Luther King. 

Land then said that the next election was the most important since 1860, just as the 1980 election was the most important one regarding the survival of the Soviet Union, as Robison lamented that back in the 80s, the “enemy” was obvious to most people whereas “today the enemy is within”:

Robison: Our economy is trembling, it’s quaking. And we can correct it if we will come together and understand that the enemy is not the creator of wealth, it is not the free market capitalist crowd that do go out and create jobs, and opportunity, and investment. And we have really today biased the whole population against in them in a type of racism that is not only damaging but actually potentially very dangerous. There is an animosity and a hostility that you have to go all the way back to the horrible racism that you and I stood against along with Martin Luther King, that we detested. You have to look at that and see how dangerous it is.

Land: The 1980 election was the most important election for the Soviet Union, for the people of the Soviet Union, because it meant that they were going to be free. But the most important election for the United States since 1860 is this one because out future is at stake as America.

Robison: Right, and in 1980 you could see the enemy. It was quite obvious to most people we had a very serious threat. Today the enemy is within, it lurks in a very subtle and crafty way. And if we who know the truth do not point to the truth and stand for the truth and really get involved to turn back the tide, we are going to see in 3D the horrific collapse of the Untied States of America economically.