Robertson Warns The Muslims Will Do What His Christian Coalition Did

Today, The 700 Club ran a segment on the attempt by Muslims to build a new Islamic Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that was nothing more than a collection of baseless insinuations that funding for the development was coming from overseas and that Murfreesboro was being targeted by Muslims because it is such a strongly Christian community:

Mosque officials say the money was raised in the community. But local journalist Rebecca Bynum said she isn’t convinced.

“In other mosques, like in Boston and other areas where there’s been huge mosques built, the funding did come from overseas, principally from Saudi Arabia, rich individuals from countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” she said.

Murfreesboro is not alone. two more mega-mosques are now being planned for Tennessee–one in Memphis and another the town of Antioch, near Nashville.

“It does seem to be part of a larger strategy to build mosques in rural areas and create Islamic communities–large Islamic communities–in rural areas for some larger purpose,” said Bynum, a columnist for the New English Review


Cardoza-Moore believes the purpose is clear in middle Tennessee.

“You have Bible book publishers, you have Christian book publishers, you have Christian music headquartered here,” she said. “So this is where the Gospel message goes out. And the radical Islamic extremists have stated that they’re still fighting the Crusaders–and they see this as the capital of the Crusaders.”

But nothing quite captures the absurdity of this piece like the fact that, at the end, Pat Robertson claiming that Muslims are bribing local officials in order to build these sorts of complexes while warning that Muslims are going to move into this sorts of communities in order to take over city councils so that they can turn their religious views into law. 

That, by the way, was the exact purpose of the Christian Coalition, which Robertson himself founded: