Robertson: Muslims Trying to Take over Queen of England, Windsor Castle

RobertsonOn the “700 Club” today, Pat Robertson expressed his outrage that England is commemorating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan by offering the Muslim staff of Windsor Castle the use of an office for prayer. According to Robertson, this is yet another sign that Muslims are trying to “take England over”:

England has been a Christian country. They ought to stand up and say so. “We’re a Christian country. We’ll tolerate you, we’ll give you freedom, but we’re not going to let you take over our castle and take over our queen”—because that’s what the Muslims would like to do. They really would like to take England over.

They almost had it with Jodi [Dodi] Fayed and Princess Diane [Diana]. They almost had somebody who would have converted to Islam if she had married a Muslim. Didn’t happen. She was tragically killed. But nevertheless, the Muslims would like to take over England, and I think our British cousins had better be alert to that. But having a prayer room for Ramadan in the middle of the castle? No. Way.

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