Robertson Lists Specific Cities at Risk

Pat Robertson follows up his dire predictions from Tuesday, when he reviewed the annual conversation with God that Robertson bases his yearly ‘predictions’ on, by adding some specifics in a segment on today’s “700 Club” about a forthcoming report from the Department of Homeland Security which reportedly has found that only six U.S. cities have systems in place that will allow first-responders to effectively communicate in an emergency.  

After first claiming he doesn’t want to be an alarmist, Robertson listed specific cities he now seems to be suggesting God told him will be targeted by terrorists with “biological or nuclear weapons” (even though yesterday Robertson said that the “Lord didn’t say nuclear.”)  

Robertson’s version of a non-alarmist message began “the Word that has come to me is chaos in our cities – there’s going to be chaos”:

I don’t want to be an alarmist, ladies and gentlemen, but there are evil people in the world who are targeting this great nation and they apparently possess some form of nuclear or biological weapons; the kind of weapons of mass destruction that could do devastating damage.  And from what I gather, their targets are New York, Washington, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, just for starters.  And I wasn’t listening to many of those cities being named by Eric in his report on preparedness.  If one of those devastating devices is loosed in one of our major cities, the Word that has come to me is chaos in our cities, there’s going to be chaos.  The government is not prepared.  We were down in Katrina, right after that terrible hurricane that hit the Gulf and the lack of preparedness was just appalling and we all said, I think everybody said, looking at what was done there, [if] you see a really serious man-made disaster, we’re not prepared.  If there’s ever a time to get with it, it’s now.  And more than anything, if there’s ever a time to pray, it’s now.


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