Robertson Claims CBN Responsible For One-Quarter Of All The Christians In The World

The 700 Club” this week has been dedicated to to examining “the signs of the times” and what they say about the looming end of the world.  During a Q&A session, Robertson was asked why the wars and natural disasters of today are a sign of the End Times whereas the equally devastating wars and natural disasters of centuries past are not. 

Robertson responded that the existence of Israel made today different, as did “worldwide evangelization on a massive scale.” As evidence of this massive evangelization, Robertson cited the fact that his own CBN network has been responsible for bringing 500 million people to Christ since the fall of communism:

The entire global population is about 7 billion and the estimated number of Christians in the world is around 2 billion.

So, according to Robertson, his little television network is responsible for creating one quarter of all the Christians in the entire world.