Robertson and O’Reilly: Take Cover! We’re ‘Under Assault’ in the ‘Battle for Christmas’

Pat Robertson told his “700 Club” audience today that, while “the liberals laugh and say, ‘Oh, that’s not true’” about the “War on Christmas,” “We have been under assault.” In particular, Robertson said, “stores that have always said ‘Merry Christmas’ are now being forced to say ‘Happy Holidays.’”

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Robertson brought on a special guest to explain the meaning of the “War on Christmas”: Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly. According to O’Reilly, so-called “SPs,” or “secular progressives,” are waging a culture war against traditional Americans to “wipe out all spirituality in the marketplace … so that their agenda politically can get passed easier.”

Watch the video segment: Broadband or Dial-Up.

Robertson and O'Reilly on 700 Club

ROBERTSON: Tell me what the culture war is all about.

O’REILLY: The culture war is a struggle between traditional Americans, and I think you’re one, and I’m another, who believe the country was well founded, that America’s Judeo-Christian tradition has made it the strongest country that the world has ever seen, that we’ve freed billions of people all over the world, that we’ve sacrificed for the world, that we’re a noble nation. Now we make mistakes like ever other entity on this earth does, and we need to correct those mistakes and we need to better. But basically America is a noble nation – this is what a traditionalist is.

On the other side of the war are secular progressives, “SPs.” They believe that the United States of America is flawed that we need huge changes in every area socially, economically, foreign policy all of these things.

Let me give you an example: the battle for Christmas. Twenty years ago, nobody had a problem saying Merry Christmas; no store had a problem; no municipality had a problem. It was a federal holiday you practiced Christmas. It was a great tradition. Now every two minutes we’re turning around, you can’t say this, you can’t say that. That was because of the rise of secular progressives. They want to wipe out all spirituality in the marketplace, no public spirituality, so that their agenda politically can get passed easier. That’s one very vivid example in this season of the culture war.

The nation then becomes huge entitlements where the government runs everything including the economy, income redistribution – which means the affluent Americans get their money taken away by the big governments. Other people get it in a handout: entitlements. Socially you have unfettered abortion, euthanasia, legalized narcotics, gay marriage. All of these things come in because no judgments are made on private behavior by secular progressives, so that’s the nation you would be. If you want to see it, take a flight into Amsterdam and hang around Holland for three days, and you got it.

ROBERTSON: Well, I’ve been there. The hippies took over the government.