Robert Jeffress: Harvey Weinstein The ‘Natural Result’ Of Removing Prayer From Schools

Last week, President Trump took to his Twitter account to promote a new book by Robert Jeffress, a Dallas pastor and fervent Trump supporter who has a long record of anti-LGBTQ extremism and hostility toward religious minorities, including Mormons and Catholics.

A few days later, Jeffress hosted Fox News personality Sean Hannity at his church’s Sunday service, where he also gave a sermon denouncing the Supreme Court decisions that have allowed for legal abortion and marriage equality and disallowed government-sponsored prayer in schools, which he said will eventually cause the country’s “implosion.”

Jeffress even linked the 1962 Engle v. Vitale decision on school-sponsored prayer to the numerous allegations of sexual assault against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, saying that what Weinstein is alleged to have done was the “natural result” of the nation having “untethered itself from the absolute truths of God’s word” when “secularists” and “infidels” removed state-sponsored prayer from schools.

The irony of these remarks coming from a strong supporter of Trump seems to have been lost on Jeffress. At one point, Jeffress directly addressed Hannity in the audience to marvel at how long liberals took to get “in a dither” about Weinstein. Hannity has helped to provide cover for Bill O’Reilly after numerous reports of sexual harassment and assault.

Elsewhere in the sermon, Jeffress slammed gay people’s marriages as “counterfeit marriage,” implied again that terrorism might be God’s judgment for legal abortion, and rejoiced that his sermons had convinced a man to leave the “homosexual lifestyle,” which he said was evidence that “we love homosexuals.”