Right Wing Round-Up: You Know What To Do

  • Brad Reed @ Raw Story: ‘That can’t be true!’ Former Fox News employee horrified after learning network has vaccine mandate.
  • Paul Blest @ Vice News: Fox News Totally Lost It Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate.
  • Leia Idliby @ Mediaite: Josh Mandel Films Creepy Video Invoking Nazis to Suggest Violent Resistance of Covid Mandates: ‘You Know What to Do.’
  • Joe Jervis: Hate Group: “Comrade Biden’s” Vaccine Mandate Is An Unprecedented Abuse And Ignores “Natural Immunity.”
  • Media Matters: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell refuses to follow the COVID-19 testing and vaccine requirement for his employees.
  • Zachary Petrizzo @ Salon: Mike Lindell held secret meeting with Trump on “reinstatement day.”