Right Wing Round-Up: Why God Chose Trump

  • Amy Sullivan @ Politico: Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President.
  • Rachel Dicker @ Mediaite: Watch Jeanine Pirro Harass Locals While Searching for Hillary Clinton in The Chappaqua Woods.
  • Joe Jervis: Todd Starnes: Trump Should Order An ICE Raid To Arrest All Dreamers That Democrats Bring To SOTU.
  • Rob [email protected] Wall of Separation: Liberty Counsel’s Attempt To Squelch Free Speech Is Squashed.
  • Caitlin MacNeal @ TPM: Arkansas Resident: Cotton’s Office Sent Cease And Desist When I Said ‘Bullsh*t’.
  • Media Matters: Alex Jones: “The White House directly asked [Jerome] Corsi to be on the 8chan beat,” cover “QAnon” conspiracy theory.