Right Wing Round-Up: Trump’s ‘Amazing’ Pitch

  • Garnet Henderson @ Rewire News Group: Supreme Court Rules Idaho Doctors Can Provide Emergency Abortions—For Now
  • The Idaho v. United States decision allows a district court injunction against full enforcement of Idaho’s abortion ban to go back into effect, but also allows the legal battle to continue.

  • Ron Filipkowski @ MeidasTouch Network: OK Schools Chief Says Schools Will Now Be Required to Teach the Christian Bible
  • After getting smacked down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court yesterday after his attempt to fund a Catholic school using tax dollars, Schools Superintendent Ryan Walter announced today that from this day forward every public school in the state will be required to have a Bible in the classroom and teach from it.

  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: In pitch to Black voters, Trump emphasizes his ‘amazing’ mugshot
  • It was bad enough when conservative media said Black voters would like Donald Trump’s mugshot. Watching the Republican push the same line makes it worse.

  • Angry White Men: On YouTube, Tim Pool Tries To Rehabilitate Richard Spencer
  • On June 21, 2024, right-wing streamer Tim Pool brought white supremacist Richard Spencer on his YouTube show, The Culture War with Tim Pool. Spencer’s appearance was part of a debate with Andrew Wilson, a far-right, anti-LGBTQ Internet personality who once went by the moniker “Big Papa Fascist.”

  • Marlon Ettinger @ The Daily Dot: Rudy Giuliani advertised MyPillow every single day for a month—it earned him $1,200
  • Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani disclosed that his consulting LLC took in just over $1,200 in May from 2020 election conspiracy impresario Mike Lindell’s company MyPillow, even after promoting the product every day on his YouTube and Rumble channels.

  • Alex Kaplan and Camden Carter @ Media Matters: Trump’s “meme team” ally Brenden Dilley uses his online show to spew threatening and discriminatory rhetoric, rampant misogyny, and other vitriol
  • Brenden Dilley, a far-right podcaster who previously pushed the QAnon conspiracy theory, leads a “meme team” that creates pro-Trump content that The New York Times says “traffics freely in misinformation,” “racist stereotypes,” and “demeaning tropes about L.G.B.T.Q. people.”

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